T H E  P A R T Y (2)As an aspiring writer, it takes some time to get your work in progress ready to submit to publishers, agents, or to self-publish. I can tell you from a perfectionist’s point of view editing is the worst part of the writing process.

You had a blast writing the first draft, felt good about what you wrote, then you have some beta-readers look at it and they start pointing out plot holes, continuity problems, and silly grammar and spelling mistakes.

Now is the time for the hard work. Editing. I want to be your partner, cheerleading squad, and your advocate. I want to be the person who tries to make editing a little easier in the long run.

I have had two years of editing experience, I have references, and examples from authors who have given me permission to share. I will also edit your first chapter for free.

  • Content Editing, also known as substantive or developmental editing, is the process of reading the WIP in its entirety. It is also the first step and the most intensive part of the editing process. I will be looking for continuity, plot holes, dynamic vs. flat characters, unrealistic dialogue, mushy middles, info dumps, and many other things. For the most part, there will be no editing of spelling or grammar mistakes at this point. I will make notes using track changes, then will write you a detailed report so to point out my thoughts more thoroughly.
  • Line Editing is the next step in editing hell. I will be responsible for looking at every single line of your manuscript. When line editing I will look for passive voice, wordiness, weak words, overused words, overused phrases, redundancy, etc. Again, line editing is looking at content, not spelling or grammar.
  • Finally, we made it to Copy Editing. This is the step where I look for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Occasionally, a small continuity error or something missed in the other steps and I would jot down a note on track changes.

Honestly, it is usually hard for me to leave spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors alone at any point in the editing process. Typos or small errors can be easily fixed along the way.


  • I price on a flat fee. Once I’ve looked over a chapter or two of your manuscript, know the length, and what type of editing you are looking for, I will send you a quote. Most of my quotes begin at $400 -$6oo, but I am always open to negotiation. I do not believe in charging by the word because that quickly gets into thousands of dollars.
  • What I look at to decide pricing does include the length of the book, but I get a glimpse at how invasive the editing process will be with each project. It also depends if you just want me to do one of the editing processes or a combination.
  • I will set up a payment plan with authors who are serious. I require half up front and it is non-refundable. After this, you can make payments as you need as long as the final payment is made on the day or before I finish. I cannot send you a finished manuscript without payment in full.

I do love comments. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so write a few lines, or even just say hello!

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