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Book builder, story teller, mother of two. Depending on the what the voices tell me, I could be working on my paranormal romance, NA contemporary, or erotica.

Something Creepy this Way Comes


I’m back! I’ve taken some time, a lot of time, to concentrate on my health, both physically and mentally. The journey is not yet over but is making me stronger each day. My well-being is important for me to create the book I want to share with the world. I believe I am ready and I believe my writing will be beneficial to my overall healing.

In 2011 I heard of this “thing” called NaNoWriMo. Once I researched this phenomenon, I jumped in and wrote well over 50,000 words during that November. Over the last six years, I have played with the manuscript, rewritten it, tweaked it, and still, something wasn’t right.

Well, I am cutting the crap and killing some characters. I’m attempting to build a world you’re ready to fall into and never leave.

A large part of my time has been spent beta-reading and editing. I’m hoping this experience will strengthen my character building by creating complicated, multi-faceted individuals whose bonds are unique; bonds which can only be broken by nefarious forces that are always weaving their magic. Love, trust, friendship, and even doubt will unite this group of people against all that is evil.

I hope you will join me in this journey. It’s going to be an exciting one with many twists and turns.